These innovations are exclusive to Clinique La Prairie and are included in specific programs, according to their objectives and benefits.

CLP Extract & bio-stimulants


Embodying 90 years of longevity science, the CLP Extract is Clinique La Prairie’s exclusive powerful formula created to help regenerate the organism, fight the effects of aging and stimulate high performance. The revitalizing formula was first pioneered by Dr Niehans, in 1931, and has been honed and perfected at the clinic over the decades.

Included only in the Revitalisation and Revitalisation Premium programs, the CLP Extract is taken orally in conjunction with bio-stimulants to specifically awaken the immune system and promote increased energy and balance.  

Health & Wellness Benefits

  • Regenerates the organism
  • Regenerates aging cells 
  • Reinforces system
  • Increases energy and balance

CLP Cellular Genomic Detox

Genomic Detox

Using the latest research on the interaction between genes and nutrients, these supplements harness the power of genetics, cellular and nutritional sciences.

A method of cellular genomic detoxification that naturally helps the cleansing and purification process. The treatment composed of four 100% natural nutraceutical supplements with anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory and beneficial properties for the microbiota. These formulas are the result of our Life science research and are exclusively given during the Master Detox program.

Health & Wellness Benefits

  • Helps the purification of the body by inducing the selective activation of genes involved into the detoxification process
  • Anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory and beneficial properties for the microbiota
  • Helps slow cellular senescence

CLP Cellular Genomic REV FFS1-5


The CLP Cellular Genomic REV-FFS5’s formulas promote cellular stimulation using the powerful interactions between genes and nutrients. It comprises five vegan nutraceuticals. Each compound is a combination of a revitalizing complex blended with carefully selected micronutrients and plant extracts chosen to address key areas for regeneration: the immune system, the nervous system, a reduction in inflammation, gut microbiota health and sleep patterns. A wonderfully natural way to enhance your health. These formulas are exclusively given during the Revitalisation and Revitalisation Premium programs, in conjunction with the CLP Extract

Health & Wellness Benefits

  • Helps cells stimulation
  • Supports immune system
  • Supports neuromodulation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Contributes to microbiota health
  • Contributes to regulating sleep-wake cycles

HP-Cellular Active

HP-cellular active

This organic drinkable complex combining plants ingredients with the best science provides a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize oxidative stress and stimulate the properties of cells to protect themselves.

Through a unique natural process, the extract features a master organic substance that helps to enhance cellular health. It is a part of the morning routine for our Revitalisation programs.

Health & Wellness Benefits

  • Helps to improve the proper supply of oxygen to the cells
  • Supports the body’s anti-inflammatory process  
  • Contributes to slow cellular aging
  • Acts as a dietary supplement for improving performance