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A healthier, longer and better life

For more than 85 years, Clinique La Prairie has stood as a pioneering force of innovative medical research, regenerative medicine and longevity. Discover our innovations to help people living a healthier, better and longer lives.

Cellular Therapy

Improving your quality of life is at the heart of Clinique La Prairie’s mission with the Revitalization program. The program’s philosophy, offered since 1931, is based on the method developed by Doctor Paul Niehans and aims at increasing the overall health and energy of the body. Enhanced over the years with expert scientists, the essential element of our renowned cellular therapy since 1992 has become a standardized and lyophilized sheep’s liver extract called the “CLP Extract”,

Taken orally in conjunction with a bio stimulant injection, the CLP Extract is effective at different levels. 

At a cellular level, it supplies tissues with oxygen which promotes cellular turnover, helping poor circulation and reducing skin aging. Completed with nutrition, medical tests, fitness coaching and SPA therapies, Revitalization is a unique approach to wellness, and help patients feel energized and vitalized. 



As good aging depends both on genetic capital and environmental factors, Clinique La Prairie has integrated Genetics tests in its programs like Revitalisation, Master Detox and Weight Management. Performed in collaboration with Swiss laboratories dedicated to personalized medicine, these unique tests establish a predictive diagnosis and give patients a very complete genetic evaluation, ultimately providing professional recommendations for treatment, preventive care and better lifestyle.

Interview with Simone Gibertoni, CEO of CLP and Goranka Tanackovic, CEO of Gene Predictis

Stem Cells

Stem Cells

Since 2019, Clinique La Prairie has introduced a Stem-cell program to reinforce anti-aging solutions. Stem sell treatment helps replace degenerating cells by renewing natural collagen and enhancing tissue regeneration to decrease visible signs of aging, keep your skin healthy and young. The related program begins with a thorough medical checkup and consultation with Clinique La Prairie’s surgeon specialist. Throughout the process stem cells are extracted from fat, purified and stored to then be injected back into the body on the last day of the treatment.


Ongoing Anti-Aging and Life Sciences


As science develops and technological advancements transform healthcare, Clinique La Prairie engages continuously with a range of research in the anti-aging, medical and lifescience fields, further building its leading position in preventative medicine and holistic wellness.