Breathing Coaching to Boost Metabolism

Using pranayama and other breathing techniques also inspired by freediving training, BREATHING COACHING has been developed by our movement pillar manager, Farah Khlouf, in collaboration with Phil Simha, a passionate freediving instructor and teacher of yoga and pranayama. It consists of a series of exercises which stimulate the organism, eliminate stale air as well as toxins, and distribute energy throughout the body.

You will learn how to activate the airplane mode of your brain, as well as experience different patterns of breathing and specialized techniques that enhance breath practices using nostrils, abdomen, and full lungs, as well as holding your breath at different parts of the cycles.

Clinique La Prairie instructors will provide private sessions to analyze your needs and your desires and offer a truly tailor-made approach that will guide you to a balance that is essential to a healthy life.

Breathing coaching is integrated into the Master Detox and Weight Management, Rebalancing programs, and is also available on request.

Evidence that breath work can ameliorate stress and the process of aging

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Stress and aging generate inflammation, energetic imbalance, oxidative damage by free radicals, and neural degeneration. Clinical evidence shows that breath work can promote the ability to deal with physical or emotional stress, empower metabolism, and affect longevity mechanisms in many ways by leveraging the major adaptive systems of the body (nervous, endocrine and immune).

Performing mind-body practices will intentionally slow your breathing and give positive signals to your body. Indeed, it activates what is called the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The PSNS starts in your brain and connects through fibers and neurons to the key organs they act on (heart, stomach, bladder, …). When stressed, the PSNS triggers the necessary responses to return to homeostasis, therefore maintaining the balance of internal physiology.

Breathing practices are known to slow your heart and breathing rates, lower blood pressure, increase oxygen delivery to the blood and cells, promote digestion and eliminate fat as well as other toxins. Science shows that they ameliorate immunity, as well as relieving stress-related mental and physical disorders including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, …

Breathe Better to Move better

Breath work, Regeneration and Longevity


Starting with one or several sessions of breathing exercises will give immediate benefits that you’ll already experience in Montreux, and, importantly, will lay the groundwork for deeper results. You will be able to connect your mind and body at a deeper level. By continuing the practice of controlling slow and other breathing techniques, you will learn to optimize your physiological parameters and your self-regeneration systems at home. Putting you on the path to longevity, resilience, and quality of life.

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