Energizing Wellness

With support from our experts in holistic health, find ways to rejuvenate and adopt a healthier lifestyle. When you take this precious time for yourself, you’ll find that your energy levels are replenished, and you’ll come away feeling calmer and refreshed.  When you make your wellbeing and balance in your body a priority, you can expect to see long-term benefits.


Energizing wellness

Gain energy and vitality as you recharge your batteries in a beautiful setting.


5 days, 4 nights


Rest and relaxation
Rebalance your body
Refuel your energy levels
Give your vitality a boost


From CHF 9,900 for 2 people
From CHF 6,900 for 1 person
Includes: complete program,
healthy CLP menus, room/suite,

A 5-day program designed for your wellbeing to reduce stress, rebalance bodily functions and regain your vitality. Find the answer to letting go: come and disconnect in a real haven of peace, nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva with a breath-taking view of the Alps.. Our program is a chance to take up a new, healthier lifestyle that will improve your overall health. You will leave bursting with energy and an enhanced physical, mental and emotional performance. Your whole being will come away revitalized.

  1. Health consultation

    A state-of-the-art health screening

  2. Recharge your batteries

    Energizing treatments and massages

  3. Nutrition masterclass

    Stimulating nutrients and antioxidants

  4. In shape and in motion

    Tailored exercises

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Health consultation

A state-of-the-art health screening

Health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked, which is why our wellness stay includes a medical assessment and lab analyses. Our health experts can determine your needs and correct any vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. You will also receive an energizing complex and a full list of recommendations to revitalize your body and improve your quality of life long-term.

Summary Recharge your batteries

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Recharge your batteries

Energizing treatments and massages

Relax and relieve stress with our exclusive treatments, designed to deliver stimulating, energizing effects. You will experience results-focused Clinique La Prairie treatments combining wellbeing and cutting-edge technology, such as infratherapy and cold therapy. You will also receive a unique sensory experience which supports the body in its process of homeostasis. Bringing your stay to a close is a signature massage combining the power of Tibetan bowls with meditation: a time for deep relaxation and energy renewal.

Summary Nutrition masterclass

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Nutrition masterclass

Stimulating nutrients and antioxidants

The interaction between food, body and mind creates a fascinating universe. Our experts offer bespoke nutritional coaching, individual masterclasses and gourmet healthy cooking lessons. You will discover the hidden powers of different foods so that you can incorporate a diet into your life that regulates energy metabolism, reduces fatigue and enhances brain stimulation. Tasty, balanced dishes, juices and teas with reinvigorating properties: everything is chosen to leave you feeling full of energy.

Summary In shape and in motion

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In shape and in motion

Tailored exercises

With our tailored approach, physical exertion and pleasure can be combined, so that you can stay healthy, improve your tissue oxygenation, reduce your stress levels and increase your cognitive and mental capacity. Discover the art of movement with our sports coaches who will offer a series of indoor and outdoor bespoke training sessions.You will find yourself in form and full of vitality.

Summary Health consultation