New Revitalisation Premium

With the new Revitalisation Premium, Clinique La Prairie offers an unparalleled approach to longevity. Based on the Revitalisation program’s powerful foundations (including CLP Extract) targeting cell regeneration and immune defenses, it enhances them with a super-targeted medical approach to deeply regenerate the body’s 7 key systems and functions: Immunity, HeartMetabolism, Brain, Sleep, Microbiota and Skin.

Revitalisation Premium : The most advanced longevity program

Medical Approach to the 7 systems

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The CLP approach to longevity is not based on a single biological mechanism, but on a host of factors that potentially affect the various systems and parts of the body to differing degrees. Since all the organs in the body are interdependent, the specific holistic approach of the Revitalisation Premium program makes it possible to potentiate the effectiveness of each treatment offered.

Genetic and epigenetic tests are part of the highly detailed medical evaluations, that all together objectively determine your physiological needs and identify deficiencies.

Medical experts will monitor your health and guide you through the 7-day program, among which longevity specialist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, radiologist, dentist, nutritionist.

Your Immune System

A weakening of your defenses increases the risk of inflammation, infections, and chronic diseases.

With a complex set of formulas and therapies based on 90 years of research, the program’s “science of regeneration” deeply activates cell regeneration in your body and stimulates your immune defenses to slow down the effects of aging.

Your heart and cardiovascular functions

The heart is both an organ and a muscle that works like a pump to supply the whole body with blood. Its function means that it plays an essential role in the oxygenation of tissues, the transformation of nutrients into energy, and the elimination of cellular waste linked to blood circulation

We carry out a complete evaluation of your cardiac and cardiovascular profile to exclude or identify any possible health problems in their early stages. In this evaluation, we examine all the determining clinical parameters: heart rate, heart’s electrical activity, blood pressure, lipid levels in the blood, etc. 

Your metabolism

Metabolism is the physiological process by which the body burns calories to turn them into energy. Individual variability influences the body’s tendency to gain weight or not, for example. Above all, the metabolism influences physical and mental wellbeing, and longevity as a result.

Our experts identify possible imbalances or metabolic disorders through extensive diagnostic examinations: blood and genetic tests, calorimetry, and bone densitometry, among others. 

Your brain function and sleep

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The brain consumes up to 60% of the calories produced by metabolism. It monitors the body’s vital functions through an internal clock responsible for all natural biological cycles (known as circadian rhythms), including the sleep-wake cycle. A properly nourished brain is a guarantee of good intellectual performance, health, and longevity.

We conduct a thorough overall assessment, particularly using magnetic resonance brain imaging (MRI), supplemented by an analysis of your sleep quality. 

The program’s nutrition method is based on anti-inflammation and neuro-nutrition, ideal for stimulating brain functions. Anti-stress wellness treatments: from neurostimulation to deep massage and skin treatments to spiritual exploration, your stay will help you reduce the dangerous stress and anxieties of everyday life.

Your microbiota

The digestive system is home to some many bacteria — at least as many cells as the human body contains. These micro-organisms work to support your wellbeing by regulating a number of physiological mechanisms: appetite, weight gain, vital energy, mood, sleep, fight against inflammatory reactions responsible for chronic symptoms, etc. Inseparable from the immune system, the microbiota is often referred to as the “second brain”. 

Our exclusive treatments and nutri-genomic method strengthen your microbiota and help reduce inflammation associated with the onset of chronic conditions.

Your microbiota is restored and activated through a natural method designed by Clinique La Prairie. Our method combines various treatments and exclusive nutritional supplements, the benefits of which are compounded by the way they are combined.

Your skin

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Your skin is not just an outer shell. It has multiple functions: shielding against irritants, sensory touch organ, center of thermal regulation and vitamin D production. 

Carefully selected and combined through an analysis of your skin, Clinique La Prairie’s wellness treatments for the face and body act synergistically on cell renewal, blood circulation and oxidative stress. Your skin is deeply purified and revitalized.

At the end of the 7 days with us, you begin a new life, with a body and a mind that are stronger than ever. You have been regenerated, rejuvenated. Our medical experts have put you on the path to longevity. 


The new Revitalisation Premium is available from the 24th of April. Starting from 44’900 CHF for the 7-day stay, including complete programme, DNA/epigenetics and medical screenings, full board, room/suite, wellness and limousine service.


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