Revitalisation, Longevity & Immune System

Pioneering the science of longevity since 1931, the acclaimed Revitalisation program contributes to boosting the immune system, restoring vitality and combatting the effects of aging. This holistic cell regeneration program combines cutting-edge medicine and technology with check up, unique well-being and nutrition plan to revitalize every part of the body.


The conjunction of bio-stimulants, CLP Extract and holistic 4-pillar treatments helps to regenerate ageing cells and reinforces the body’s defence system.

Prevention is emphasized through a comprehensive medical assessment that includes a series of biological laboratory tests and radiology tests (chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, ECG, dental check-up). The program uses the latest advances in diagnostic testing for improved health outcomes, including a genetic test with bespoke analyses, to give a detailed insight into the state of health and provide lifestyle habits.

Alongside these medical dimensions, the program offers a bespoke path to longevity thanks to a holistic approach including individualized nutrition, wellbeing and movement, which is optimized to train the immune system towards a healthier and longer life.” (Prof. Rietschel)


What does the Revitalisation program, inclusive of all the components using medical, nutrition, wellbeing and movement, do ?

  • Contribution to boosting the immune system
  • Contribution to combat the effects of aging 
  • Increase in energy and balance


With the aim of slowing down the ageing process in various organ systems, the program contributes to a reduction in inflammation, in disease incidence and to an improvement of general state of physical and mental fitness, allowing for healthier ageing (longevity).

For those in search of the most complete program, the Revitalisation Premium offers the most individualized health approach, with the inclusion of additional medical assessments, CLP Booster and supplementations that focus even deeper on every part of the body: immune system, Heart, Mind and Brain, Breathing and Sleep-wake Cycle, Microbiota and Skin. The guest engages with physicians, dieticians, fitness coaches and holistic consultants who help to address any issue and need, and to increase your resistance to oxidative stress.

The Revitalisation program of Clinique La Prairie is optimally suited to prevention and represent a powerful means for the maintenance of health in general. (Prof. Rietschel)

The secret of Revitalisation by Prof. E. Rietschel

While the physiological benefits are essential, the spiritual lift shouldn’t be underestimated. The Revitalisation programs are enjoyed in the highly stimulating and luxurious environment of Clinique La Prairie and its award-winning medical spa, on the sumptuous Swiss Riviera, surrounded by the very best of nature: mountains, clear air and the beauty of Lake Geneva.

Legendary and life-changing programs provided by experts and staff committed to personal service and excellence.


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