New Revitalisation Premium

With Revitalisation Premium, Clinique La Prairie offers an unparalleled approach to longevity.

Based on the Revitalisation program’s powerful foundations (including CLP Extract) targeting cell regeneration and immune defenses, it enhances them with a super-targeted medical approach to deeply regenerate the body’s 7 key systems and functions: brain, heart, circadian rhythm, skin,
metabolism, immunity, and microbiota

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Revitalisation Premium

Inspired by the future - Experience the most advanced longevity program


7 days, 6 nights

From Sunday to Saturday


Stimulate the immune system
Activate cell regeneration & Slow down the signs of aging
Stimulate physical and mental abilities
Improve sleep quality and reduce stress
Build resilience against chronic diseases and  inflammatory reactions


Starting from CHF 44,900
Including complete program,
healthy CLP menus, room/suite,
wellness and limousine service

Building on the success of its Revitalisation program – Clinique La Prairie’s signature since 1931 – the new Revitalisation Premium is an ultra-personalized experience that harnesses the latest medical advances in the key body systems and functions: Immunity, Heart, Metabolism, Brain, Sleep, Microbiota and Skin

  1. Immunity

    Strenghten your body's natural defenses

  2. Heart and cardiovascular functions

    Improve your heart's health

  3. Metabolism

    Boost your metabolism

  4. Brain function and Sleep

    Improve your performances

  5. Microbiota

    Reinforce your immunity

  6. Skin

    Revitalize your outter shell

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Strenghten your body's natural defenses

With CLP Extract, biostimulants, CLP Cellular Genomic REV FFS1-5 Activator and HP-Cellular Active, the program’s “science of regeneration” deeply activates cell regeneration in your body and stimulates your immune defenses to slow down the effects of aging

When you enter the first phase of Revitalisation, you receive the immune-therapeutic supplementation with biostimulant. These have a fundamental function: they
optimize the next steps of the regenerating formulas.

You are also given the powerful and organic HP-Cellular Active that you drink daily during 4 days.

Summary Heart and cardiovascular functions

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Heart and cardiovascular functions

Improve your heart's health

A complete evaluation of your cardiac and cardiovascular profile is carried out to exclude or identify any possible health problems in their early stages. In this evaluation, we examine all the determining clinical parameters: heart rate, heart’s electrical activity, blood pressure, lipid levels in the blood, etc

Summary Metabolism

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Boost your metabolism

Our experts identify possible imbalances or metabolic disorders through extensive diagnostic examinations: blood and genetic tests, calorimetry, and bone densitometry, among others.

Summary Brain function and Sleep

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Brain function and Sleep

Improve your performances

A thorough overall assessment is conducted, particularly using magnetic resonance brain imaging (MRI), supplemented by an analysis of your sleep quality. 
The program’s nutrition method is based on anti-inflammation and neuro-nutrition, ideal for stimulating brain functions.

Summary Microbiota

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Reinforce your immunity

Our exclusive treatments and nutri-genomic method strengthen your microbiota and help reduce inflammation associated with the onset of chronic conditions.
Your microbiota is restored and activated through a natural method designed by Clinique La Prairie. Our method combines various treatments and exclusive nutritional supplements, the benefits of which are compounded by the way they are combined.

To prolong the effects beyond your stay, the nutraceuticals protocol continue for 3 months (one month of cellular nutrigenomics, followed by 2 months of longevity supplements)

Summary Skin

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Revitalize your outter shell

Carefully selected and combined through an analysis of your skin, Clinique La Prairie's wellness treatments for the face and body act synergistically on cell renewal, blood circulation and oxidative stress. Your skin is deeply purified and revitalized.

Summary Immunity