Longevity Hub Bangkok Workshops

Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie in Bangkok is delighted to present you its wellness workshops


To reserve a space in our workshops in Bangkok, please click the link below, book though our Line channel or contact our Longevity Hub at +66 2207 7779.
The workshops are running at a participation charge of 1,000 Baht.

June 2023

Leaky Gut Syndrome | Saturday 10 June | Dr. Nutchanakarn Nuttakitpokin

Leaky gut syndrome is a digestive condition where the intestinal lining allows bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream. It refers to an increase in permeability of the intestinal lining, which may play a role in Crohn’s and other diseases. Join Dr. Yhin to learn about the cause, symptoms, risk factor and the treatments.

Mindful Meditation | Saturday 17 June | Rachel Bullen

Join us for a Mindful Meditation. The session will begin with an introduction to mindfulness as a key quality of a meditation practice, that can also be integrated into everyday life. This will be followed by a guided meditation incorporating active breathwork, visualisations and mindful presence to promote a state of inner peace.

The Power of Sleep | Saturday 24 June | Rachel Bullen

Learn about the vital role of sleep in health and wellbeing with resident Nutritionist, Rachel Bullen. Gain valuable insights on how to maximise your nightly rest with effective strategies incorporating lifestyle, nutrition and mindset to enhance longevity, cognition, beauty, and overall wellbeing.

May 2023

Mindful Meditation | Saturday 13 May | Rachel Bullen 

Join our in-house Wellness Counsellor for a Mindful Meditation. The session will begin with an introduction to mindfulness as a key quality of a meditation practice, followed by a guided meditation incorporating active breath work, mindfulness and visualisations to promote a state of inner peace.

How to become a Centenarian | Saturday 20 May | Rachel Bullen 

In this workshop, join resident Nutritionist, Rachel Bullen, to learn about the world's longest-lived people. The Centenarians from the world's Blue Zones incorporate a range of key factors that have helped them to sustain such long and robust lives of at least 100 years of age - including diet, lifestyle, environment, mindset and community.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Tuesday 30 May | Dr Noravich Poorapeeravong

Join Dr Art to learn about PRP, including how it is obtained and prepared, plus its uses as a therapy for skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and wound healing.

April 2023

Mindful Meditation | Saturday 01 April | Rachel Bullen 

This month, join our in-house Wellness Counsellor for a Mindful Meditation. The session will begin with an introduction to mindfulness as a key quality of a meditation practice, followed by a guided meditation that has been designed to evoke positive change in your mind and biochemistry through active breath work, mindfulness and visualisations.

Food & Mood | Saturday 08 April | Rachel Bullen 

Join our resident Nutritionist, Rachel Bullen, for a workshop that explores how what we eat affects our mood and emotional resilience. Gain insights into the factors that can lead to cravings, and the fascinating connection between the gut and the brain, plus many valuable tips to support a happy mood.

Immune Boosting | Saturday 29 April | Dr Nicha

Join Dr Nicha for an informative workshop on the immune system. Your immune system is incredibly powerful and adaptive, and by understanding the role of the immune system, you can have better health and longevity. Learn various approaches to strengthen your immune system naturally, plus how the skin and gut play key roles in immune function.

About our Longevity Hub in Bangkok

This first Clinique La Prairie flagship outside of Europe is a haven of rejuvenation and wellbeing that addresses beauty, longevity, nutrition and wellness concerns with scientifically proven treatments, lifestyle-enhancing products, and signature wellness traditions.

Located on level 15 of The St.Regis and extending over 1,500 sqm, the Bangkok center boasts 16 treatment rooms and medi-wellness facilities. The areas are spread across two levels with wet area facilities including rain showers, Thai herbal steam rooms, twilight rasul, vitality pools, foot reflexology water walk, and relaxation pods.

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