Introducing our new Healthy Weight program

Two weeks to aim for an optimal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way, under strict medical and nutritional supervision, taking into account body, metabolism and mind.

To rediscover vitality and the pleasure of living at an optimal weight, we have developed an approach that focuses on your genetic profile, restoring your physical and mental fitness, and stabilizing your metabolism, with lasting results adapted to your personal profile.

We tackle your overweight on multiple dimensions

Being overweight is often due to a problem of multifactorial origin. All the involved physiological, biological, genetic and psychological factors must be addressed. Our experts adjust the program to your personal profile. As a result, even more marked effects at the end of the stay and a pleasure to eat that remains intact, without the feeling of deprivation.

The multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to treat the underlying and sometimes indirect causes of overweight. For example, it is not uncommon to find subacute systemic inflammation, disruption of the microbiota or desynchronization of the biological clock, with irregular and/or insufficient sleep.

Sometimes it will be a question of combating oxidative stress by treating excess cortisol.

Specific therapies or a targeted intake of certain micronutrients may prove necessary and will be advised by Clinique La Prairie's specialist doctors.


Screening for specific causes, micro-inflammations and hormonal imbalances

 Healthy Weight

Because not everyone is the same when it comes to weight gain, the Healthy Weight program offers an individualized approach that also includes a DNA test. There are indeed particular sensitivities; typically, the basal metabolic rate which can vary greatly from person to person. These factors shall be handled with targeted treatments and guidance.

Emphasis is placed on screening for possible micro-inflammations and hormonal imbalances that play a role in the genesis of overweight.

•  An exclusive genetic test to investigate your metabolic absorption capacities as well as risk factors related to weight: risk of obesity, appetite control, risk of hypertension, risk of inflammation, risk related to sports injuries.

•  A complete medical check-up.

•  A series of examinations and specialized medical consultations to detect any health problems affecting the physiological regulation of weight: disruption of circadian rhythms, apnea and sleep disorders, presence of inflammation, heart problems, etc.

•  Targeted blood analyses

•  An evaluation of the basal metabolic rate to adapt your food plan to your real energy needs, from the start of the stay.

•  Body composition analysis.

Mind-emotional dimension

Stress and aging lead to inflammation, energy imbalance, oxidative damage caused by free radicals and neural degeneration. This is why it is essential to promote the ability to cope with physical and emotional stress, to strengthen the metabolism and to affect longevity mechanisms in many ways by taking advantage of the body’s main adaptation systems (nervous, endocrine and immune).

Psychological aspects, such as self-confidence and feeling good about yourself, are naturally integrated into the program, through daily support by our teams of specialists and sessions of relaxation and breathing techniques.

Analysis of the quality of sleep, psychological therapies, breathing coaching to boost metabolism, energy-boosting treatments are part of the program.

Nutrition dimension

Your coaching and dietary plan are tailored to your medical results for optimization of beneficial effects on inflammatory states, cardio-metabolic functions, stress, sleep and the health of your intestines.

Our nutritional approach teaches you how to establish long-term habits and, during your stay, is focused on:

  • An anti-inflammatory diet
  • Intermittent fasting to actively boost your metabolism
  • Precisely calculated calorie restriction, to promote fat oxidation while preventing the loss of muscle mass
  • Private nutrition workshops as well as daily nutritional coaching to support you, guide you and advise you in your choices also in the long term
  • A cure of probiotics
  • Exclusive CLP herbal teas made to promote weight loss and body drainage, with unique recipes that draw on the long Swiss tradition in herbalism.

Beauty and wellbeing dimension

healthy weight

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of feeling good about yourself in order to maintain or regain a healthy weight. The Healthy Weight program focuses also on well-being and remodeling treatments. In addition to the classic methods and technologies for improving tone, skin quality and cellulite reduction, the following treatments are great complements: coolsculpting session that uses the cryolipolysis technique to remodeling the silhouette,  infratherapy sessions using long infrared rays to detoxify the body, beautify the skin, promote relaxation, relieve joint pain, stimulate muscle recovery, strengthen the immune system and soothe the nervous system, among other things, cryotherapy sessions to help the process of slimming and cellulite reduction thanks to the beneficial effects of cold on the body, high-tech body remodeling.

Movement dimension

An individualized approach to sport that precisely determines the intensity of physical exercise and the most beneficial times of the day so that your body transforms as much fat as possible into fuel is essential. Intense effort forces the body to draw on sugars, which are an immediately accessible source of energy; it is a question of burning fat reserves. Therefore, your physical activity plan must be personalized according to your condition and include a mix of varied indoor and outdoor sessions, with the support of new technologies to maximize weight loss while improving your health.

The activity plan to achieve maximum lipid oxygenation while developing your tonicity, mobility and physical performance includes a mix of several disciplines with varied sports sessions, hikes to enjoy the stimulating Swiss nature, long-term assessment and more.

Healthy Weight 14 days


  • Longevity and nutrition specialist consultations
  • Medical assessments and week-long follow-up by your leading physician
  • Medical check-up: laboratory analyses, chest x-ray, ECG, abdominal ultrasound
  • Two body composition analyses
  • Oxidative stress
  • Cortisol test
  • One stress test and consultation with the cardiologist
  • One calorimetry
  • DNA test and report, exclusively created for our program by GenePredictis Labs
  • One-month treatment of probiotics
  • One-month treatment of weight control mix



  • Four consultations to develop a personalized nutritional plan based on metabolism, medical results and lifestyle
  • Two private nutrition workshops
  • Guidance from a dietician at every meal to help make the right food choices
  • Daily CLP Swiss herbal infusions featuring stimulating properties to weight loss
  • Specific healthy weight menus tailored to individual needs and goals
  • Intermittent fasting



  • One sleep quality test and consultation with a sleep specialist
  • Three psychological consultations
  • Two sessions of metabolism boost and breath work
  • One Chi Nei Tsang massage



  • One anti-aging skin & aesthetic consultation
  • One session of coolsculpting (after doctor’s approval)
  • Two sessions of far-infratherapy
  • Six high-tech remodeling body treatments
  • Two pressotherapy sessions
  • One anti-cellulite peel and wrap
  • Two cellulite-control massages
  • Six sessions of cryotherapy (after doctor’s approval)



  • One movement assessment
  • Two outrace group circuit training sessions
  • One biocircuit group training session
  • Four personal training sessions
  • Two hike outdoor group sessions
  • Final movement wrap-up and recommendations


The program includes full access to the fitness and wellness centers, including swimming pool, sauna, steam room, zero-gravity floating bed, vitality pool and more.

Price (all inclusive program, diet, room) starts from  CHF 33,800 for 14 days / 13 nights

For long-term results and commitment, our specialists highly recommend that you plan a 14-day stay. A 7-day program is however available to kickstart the approach. 

Contact our Reservation team for questions and booking.