A groundbreaking sound therapy that acts on your longevity

Clinique La Prairie is proud to be the first partner to provide AudioVitality®’s innovative technology in sound therapy. This technology brings a paradigm shift in supporting well-aging, improving performance and in a range of preventative and curative approaches, including tinnitus.

AudioVitality® is a unique innovative technology that uses low frequency continuous sounds with optional harmonic distortions and binaural components in a sound-proofed environment in full immersion. The effects of RubesaSounds™ potentially imply physical, biological, neural, and mental systemic stimulations that affect health, wellbeing, performance and Well Aging. It stimulates the body's natural capacity to heal, and to regulate body vitality.

All happens in a sound-proofed futuristic treatment studio

In the dedicated isolated studio, you lay comfortably down on your back on a massage bed. During the session that lasts 40 minutes, specifically-designed series of sounds (RubesaSounds™) are played, while your whole body is immersed in the sound environment, experiencing it throughout your body. All is controlled by an AudioVitality trained practitioner.

The AudioVitality® experience is based on 40 min sessions combining client anamnesis and possible problematic body zone identification.

What is behind the science of RubesaSounds™?


A sound session consists of a series of twelve 3- minute sounds. RubesaSounds™ are highly structured continuous soundwaves with one or several low frequency fundamentals between 40 and 80 Hz with additional harmonics having specific acoustic properties.

In natural and urban environments, sounds are intermittent and vary with time. The brain considers sound as a signal with a variation and limit in time. The human brain is not generally used to dealing with continuous sounds. RubesaSounds™ are 3 minutes long continuous soundwaves that are highly structured with specific harmony and equilibrium or, on the contrary, with dissonance and tension. The constancy of the sound signal over time progressively reaches neural saturation. After several sounds have been played in a sequence, this mental saturation pushes the brain into an unexplored and unique pleasant experience of “letting go”.

The RubesaSounds™ continuous sounds innovation finds its inspiration in minimal 20th century music.

Low frequency whole body vibrations

High frequency sounds are mainly perceived by the ear. Low frequency sounds are more complex. They are perceived simultaneously through multiple channels:

  • Via the auditory pathway: cochlea, auditory cortex, like all audible sounds.
  • Via whole-body perceptions, through specific skin mechanoreceptors: Pacini Corpuscles, Meissner Corpuscles, and Hair follicles (Møller and Pedersen, 2004).

Additionally, human hair and skin absorption of acoustic vibrations have been measured at higher frequencies between 1 and 6 kHz (Katz, 2000). Each part of the human body’s skin reacts to specific vibration frequencies (Diller, 2001). Each part of the body has a specific vibration receptor repartition. For example, inner and outer arms have different hair densities with subsequent hair follicles and Meissner corpuscle densities.

During AudioVitality® treatments, each sound is personalized with respect to the client’s characteristics and preferences. This way, the impact of sound is maximized for each body zone.


Harmonic distortions


RubesaSounds™ harmonics include classic harmonics from Western European music but also other types of harmonics used traditionally in Asia which provide perceptions of sound roughness and dissonances (Tramo et al., 2001).

Such harmonic distortions have been shown to generate specific electrical responses in the human brain (Leino et al., 2007).

AudioVitality® RubesaSounds™ apply harmonic distortions in the original and unique context of continuous sounds.

Binaural beats

Some selected Rubesa Sounds™ also include binaural beats. Binaural Beat principle (Chaieb et al., 2015) Binaural beats have been shown to have effects on cognition, anxiety and pain perception (Garcia-Argibay et al., 2019), even if no definitive consensus has been reached yet.

AudioVitality® RubesaSounds™ apply binaural beats in an original way, through sound studio immersion, low signal frequencies and continuous sounds. It incorporates modulations typically seen in neural oscillations.


Vibrations and healing

At the phylogenetic level, hearing was the first sensory system to develop in evolution and ontogenetically (“Development of Auditory and Vestibular Systems - 1st Edition,” n.d.). to develop in the womb.

The human auditory system continuously analyzes acoustic signals, which are filtered and interpreted by cortical and sub-cortical brain structures that cause acute responses in the autonomic nervous and the endocrine system, even during sleep (“Cardiovascular Effects of Noise on Man – Wolfgang Babisch,” 2015).

The effects of low frequency sounds and vibrations can affect hemodynamic, neurology and musculoskeletal systems by impacting endothelial cell stimulation, kinase protein stimulation and nerve stimulation, respectively (Bartel and Mosabbir, 2021). Some studies have shown improvements in patients with fibromyalgia (Naghdi et al., 2015). It also has impacts on visual functions, concentration, and continuous and selective attention (Pawlaczyk-Luszczyńiska et al., 2005).


Experience AudioVitality into your next Master Detox or as an add-on

From this July, AudioVitality is integrated into the Master Detox program, and it can be added as an experience to any other program. Our practitioners will guide you through the Longevity Well Aging protocol.

Specific other protocols include Sports performance, using personalized RubesaSounds™ that stimulate specific body zones in relation to an athlete’s training and competition objectives. It aims to provide accelerated recuperation and subsequent improved sport performance, as well as to prevent injuries by its deep relaxing effect.

For more information regarding AudioVitality® and to book a session, contact reservation@laprairie.ch

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