Benefits and trained immunity

The Revitalisation program is built with a focus on metabolism, inflammation, anti-aging and natural defenses, coming from an exclusive longevity approach used at Clinique La Prairie.

Discover more with Clinique La Prairie’s Medical Director, Dr. Heini.

For whom do you recommend the Revitalisation program?


We recommend it to anybody over 35 years old, who wants to get the benefits of a complete regeneration program that helps stimulate immunity, combat the negative effects of aging and boost energy to perform better than ever before. And with the current situation, where the immune system is in the front line, it is a program that can answer many needs.

What are the benefits of the Revitalisation program?

The program contributes to rejuvenation by regenerating aging cells and reinforce the body’s defense system. Progressively, a greater vitality, improved mental performance, increased intellectual and physical endurance will appear, as well as better sleep and an improved overall wellbeing.


How does Revitalisation help with the immune system?


While a healthy lifestyle is of course essential to help your immune system, medical supervision and an immune-boosting program such as Revitalisation can provide a stronger approach to strengthen immunity in the long term. We speak here about “trained innate immunity”, which is the ability of the immune system to develop increased resistance to reinfection and thus provide long-term protection against pathogenic reinfection. We can target it by epigenetic modifications and by stimulating an enhanced protective inflammatory response, that will induce the reprogramming of immune cells. The Revitalisation program includes several stimuli and actives in its supplements and formulas that are known to support this induction of trained immunity, as well as cell regeneration.

Tell is more about the actives that boost immunity and stimulate cell regeneration?

The continued dedication to regenerative medicine means Clinique La Prairie is constantly spearheading new formulas to support wellbeing. The CLP Extract, first, remains central to the program to help regenerate and fight the effects of aging.  Two activators have been added: a high-performance cellular active and a genomic-based cure. The HP-Cellular Active is an organic plant complex taken daily during your stay. It features a potent substance that is known to improve oxygen supply to tissues, to help regulate oxidative stress and stimulate cell protection. The new CLP Cellular Genomic FFS1-5 is composed of five plant-based compounds that interact with the genes involved in cell stimulation and the body’s system modulations. Each compound is formulated with carefully selected micronutrients and plant extracts. They are first taken during your stay and continued at home for four weeks to continue the revitalizing protocol. Of course, once at the clinic, clients must undergo a rigorous series of tests given by the medical team, and in particular, they need to oversee the detailed treatments. these tests will include blood analyses, electrocardiogram, ultra-sound and x-rays among others. Only then are the CLP Extract, bio-stimulants, immunotherapy and the cellular and genomic courses administered.


Clinique La Prairie’s philosophy leading every program, including Revitalisation, promotes a healthy lifestyle over medical, nutrition, wellbeing and exercise. Can you explain how healthy living builds longevity?

It comes down to epigenetics: how external factors affect the way genes are read by cells. What you eat and drink, how you sleep, where you live, how you exercise, smoking and many other lifestyle choices - all of these factors can cause chemical modifications to genes that will turn them on or off over time, and the possible combinations are broad and varied. To help you stay healthy and live longer, Clinique La Prairie’s programs aim at triggering balanced gene expressions with natural methods that act at the cellular level: ones that provides instructions to produce proteins associated with longevity rather than senescence. In this approach, the nutrition guidance provided during the Revitalisation program plays a vital role. The expert nutritionist will target anti-inflammatory gut health and the guest’s specific needs to promote a healthy mindset for transformative habits. Lowering stress is another essential component for positive epigenetics. That is why the program integrates mind-to-body wellness therapies to help reduce stress such as regenerative light therapy, neuro-wave stimulation, workouts and a revitalizing massage. So, guests enjoy deeper and more stable effects.

What will a person know from Revitalisation’s DNA testing?


Many common medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, food intolerances and certain auto-immune diseases, are influenced by both genetic factors and lifestyle. An increased understanding of human genetics has brought about unprecedented medical progress. It is now possible to detect predispositions to develop many deficiencies and diseases and improve upon our inherited state of health through targeted interventions in long-term behaviour. The predictive DNA test of Revitalisation is an advanced tool of personalized medicine: it offers a comprehensive overview of inherited risk factors and enables the tailoring of therapies and nutritional and lifestyle advice based on genetically predisposed factors.

Has the Revitalisation program changed and evolved over the years?

Its essence and philosophy are the same. It was devised to increase energy levels, regenerate cells and boost the immune system, all of which helps combat the negative effects of aging while having an overall fitness effect on the body and its organs. It is constantly monitored, researched and honed to be the most advanced regeneration and longevity program.

As the Medical Director of Clinique La Prairie, how do you see the role of the doctor for the guest?


We value human connection and know that our guests do, too. This is why they will see their doctor several times throughout the weeklong program, building a sense of trust and comfort as they take them through the three medical objectives of any stay at the clinic: the testing, results and diagnosis at the beginning; the advice and therapies after that; and at the end of the stay, when guests leave feeling empowered by knowledge that gives them the tools for long-term results.