The extraordinary power of this exclusive health & wellness experience will renew your body and reinvigorate your mind. Revitalisation program contributes to boosting the immune system, restoring vitality and combatting the effects of aging. This holistic cell regeneration program combines cutting-edge medicine and technology with unique well-being and nutrition plans to revitalize every part of the body.

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Live the legend – Enjoy amazing results with renowned Swiss science 


6 days, 5 nights
From Sunday to Friday


Contribute to reinforce the immune system
Slow down the ageing process 
Increase energy and balance
Help your body and mind to reach peak potential


Starting from 25,300 CHF
Inclusive of full board,
nights and limousine service

Clinique La Prairie’s most renowned program is designed to replenish your energy and natural defense system and unlock the secret of youth. Experience an intense feeling of balance and vitality after six days of deep medical assessments and holistic care. It contributes to a reduction in inflammation, in disease incidence and to an improvement of general physical and mental health.

  1. Rejuvenate

    Anti-aging & Longevity Science

  2. Revitalize your body

    Clinique La Prairie's extract

  3. Personalized medicine

    Tailored to your DNA and health profile

  4. Wellness and Nutrition

    A holistic approach

  5. Medical insights you can trust

    Complete check up

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Anti-aging & Longevity Science

Rooted in nearly 90 years of expertise into rejuvenating science and cell regeneration, the one-week program, aims for long-standing effects to combat the negative aspects of aging. This life-changing experience is the ultimate wellbeing solution for people over 40 (and sometimes younger).


Summary Revitalize your body

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Revitalize your body

Clinique La Prairie's extract

Invented in 1931 and enhanced over the years by expert specialists, CLP Extract is delivered under strict medical supervision in conjunction with bio stimulants, to revitalize your body. The combination of CLP Extract with holistic 4-pillar treatments helps to regenerate ageing cells and reinforces the body’s defence system.

Summary Personalized medicine

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Personalized medicine

Tailored to your DNA and health profile

During Longevity consultations and daily follow-ups, your personal doctor will help you understand your genetic makeup and formulate lifestyle and nutritional changes that benefit your good health and improve longevity. Physicians will look into your medical diagnosis to prescribe immuno-fortifying drips or intakes. A one-month revitalizing nutrigenomics cure is included.

Summary Wellness and Nutrition

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Wellness and Nutrition

A holistic approach

You will engage with holistic consultants and enjoy even deeper rejuvenating effects through the wellness and beauty treatments. The revitalizing massage uses the powers of lithotherapy and targets energy flow stimulus. Your infra-therapy will stimulate your immune system, sooth the nervous system, relieve joint pain and balance blood pressure. Sessions with a personal trainer and a nutritional coaching focused on gut health and anti-inflammatory diet are also included, to help you plan for a future of optimum energy and protection.

Summary Medical insights you can trust

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Medical insights you can trust

Complete check up

Indulge yourself with the very best tailored care and the latest advances in diagnostic testing. Prevention is emphasized through a comprehensive medical assessment that includes a series of biological laboratory tests, DNA, radiology and dental check-up. You will be able to focus on your health, wellbeing and comfort, with guidance from our team of doctors who are highly specialized in a broad range of medical fields.

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